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Middle Name Meanings

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

Middle name meanings intermittently influences the personality as the characteristics shown in the middle name come to the surface when a person is feeling stressed. Characteristics found in the middle name either enhance or conflict with those present in the first name. Often the middle name represents side issues, which are not meant to override the main goals represented in the first name. This is why minor issues appear in the middle name.

When the middle name meanings support the first name, it strengthens those gifts already identified or it adds new ones that contribute to the overall goal. When the middle name is inconsistent with the first name, it causes added burdens or challenges to the personality.

Intermittent nature of middle name meanings

Qualities carried in the middle name are not always apparent since they are used sporadically. They are like condiments on the shelf in the refrigerator. Are condiments used with every meal? No, but sometimes one condiment is appropriate; other times a different condiment or group of condiments may be what is wanted. Just as a person picks and chooses what condiments are desirable for a specific meal, middle name characteristics appear when needed or least expected in specific situations. Middle name meanings and their corresponding characteristics are most often revealed in the personality when one is under stress. Whether the personality chooses to use those qualities in the middle name or not, they are always available. The personality will knowingly, from time to time, call forth the qualities in the middle name.

No middle name?

Some people do not have a middle or second name. Since a parent chooses this name, the parent may determine that a middle name is not necessary, so no middle name is given. The parent could decide that he or she doesn’t want to accidentally add burdens. In either case, if the middle name is appropriate, a parent will have an innate knowledge whether their child could benefit from a second name.

Using one’s middle name as a first name

Occasionally, individuals use their second name as their primary name. People who do so have both the qualities of the first name and the qualities of the middle name constantly present, so there are no qualities that show up only intermittently.

However, the characteristics in the first name will be subdued. What is important to know is whether the individuals chose to use their middle names, or whether the parents chose it for their children. This is because how one tends to feel and think is carried in the first vowel in the first name or the primary name used. People using their middle name as their prominent name may have different vowels in this key position. When the individual has decided to go by their middle name, the first vowel in the middle name is the one used as the most dominant feature. Whereas, when the parent chose to call their child by the second name, the vowel in the first name is the one used to represent the most dominant trait. To clarify: suppose the person’s name is John Paul. The parents call him Paul even though he would rather be called John. In this case, the first vowel of ‘O’ is used. Reversing the scenario, if it were John Paul who decided he’d rather be called Paul, then ‘A’ is used as the first vowel.

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