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'Kraken' Picked for New NHL Team Name

“To the delight of cryptozoology enthusiasts around the world, a forthcoming National Hockey League expansion team in Seattle has been named after the legendary sea monster the Kraken. First documented around the year 1250, tales of the enormous octopus-like creature that is capable to sinking a ship with ease lived in the nightmares of sailors of the North Atlantic for centuries.”

This is what I read on the Coast to Coast website on July 24, 2020.

I immediately thought, do they want to win? This is not the name of a winning team. They will have to work twice as hard as most to become winners as their name says games can be stolen from them! That could cause games to go into overtime just to be lost! It also says that they won’t see themselves clearly even as they have leadership abilities.

This name also implies that the owner shall have unbelievable challenges when negotiating agreements and those agreements will often be broken. How much of this will become public knowledge is anyone’s guess.

You don’t want to have theft in the name of your team or business as that is a forwarding that money is not going to go or do what you think it will.

Totally separate from interpreting a name by the placement of the letters in the name are considering the sound of the name itself. Kraken sounds like the entire team is on crack.

This name does indicate that people will remember the team. Yet, what are they going to be remembered for is the real question!

Sharón Lynn Wyeth is the creator of Neimology®

Science which analyzes what lies behind names,

and what secrets our names reveal.

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