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BookMarketingBuzzBlog interviews Sharón to share her Publishing Insights

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

BookMarketingBuzzBlog A unique blog dedicated to covering the worlds of book publishing and the news media, revealing creative ideas, practical strategies, interesting stories, and provocative opinions. Along the way, discover savvy but entertaining insights on book marketing, public relations, branding, and advertising from a veteran of two decades in the industry of book publishing publicity and marketing.

7 Authors Voice Their Publishing Insights

Interview With Sharón Lynn Wyeth, Author and Speaker

  1. As the author of the amazon bestseller, “Know the Name; Know the Person: Decoding Letters to Reveal Secrets Hidden in Names”, what do you feel moves people to buy books? People purchase books based on the book’s title, the colors on the front cover, the headline on the back cover and the table of contents. We want to be entertained and/or discover something new and we don’t want to have to work at it. So, when something looks both fun and interesting, we’ll buy into it.

  2. How does being a speaker help you brand yourself and sell books? Speaking helps people connect with me personally. They get to see how I’ve used names in so many fascinating ways and that they feel inspired. The best part is that I give out useful information that can be used immediately so that people can have fun with other peoples’ names.  Interpreting names of people in the audience demonstrates some of what we know about a person before we really know them. This is the next best thing to mind reading. Who wouldn’t want to know how to interpret names once you see it in action? That helps me to sell books.

  3. What is your book about? We are all fascinated by names and what they mean. When someone meets us for the first time and asks who we are, we answer with our name as if that says it all. Indeed it does when you know how to interpret a name as our names give others insight into our personality traits, our feelings and out behaviors.  Other books on names give one or two sentences on what a name means. In “Know the Name; Know the Person” you discover how to get pages of information on someone based on the placement of the letters in their name using a fairly new science called Neimology® Science.

  4. What do you love about being a part of the book industry? I love sharing knowledge that can help people understand themselves and others better. Being a part of the book industry allows me to do that.

  5. Where do you think it is heading? I see people using Neimology® Science when determining whom to date; employers using Neimology® Science when hiring; parents using Neimology® Science to help connect with their children better and to help name their babies; Neimology® Science can be used to help determine who could have committed a crime or when selecting juries and you can use Neimology® Science to help you get hired and to determine whom you’d like to work.  I personally use it to help me know someone’s learning style before I teach a class, and what gifts someone would like to receive.

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