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Sharón Lynn Wyeth [Shah-rone Linn Why-ith] has accomplishments to her credit in many fields. Her impact in education has benefited thousands of students and has been highlighted in nationally syndicated programs as well as the President of the United States yearly conference for the fifty governors.

Her bestselling book, “Know the Name; Know the Person” has won an award for excellence in writing. Sharón is a frequent guest worldwide in the media via articles, radio, and television along with
hosting her own radio show, “Know the Name; Know the Answers” after hosting “Know the Name; Know the Genius in You” which originated in Canada and was rebroadcasted in twenty countries and
on overseas military bases via iHeartRadio for three years. She enjoys being able to answer questions live on her new show.

In addition, Sharón has used her innate gift of intuition, combined with her keen observation skills, and reasoning mind to create Neimology® Science as an indicator to analyze an individual’s personality, in the same category, yet differently than the Myers-Briggs and Enneagram methodologies.

Sharón is recognized internationally as a Neimology® Science expert as she can determine one’s strengths, challenges, and the purpose of one’s life by deciphering a person’s name. Neimology® Science is the study of the placement of the letters in a name which took Sharón fifteen years of research followed by three years of testing her theories traveling in over seventy countries, including Russia, India, and China. Sharón wanted to see if her methodology held true in different languages and she found that it does. She has continued to develop how to interpret names since 1980 when she began this endeavor, which is why Neimology® Science is considered to be so accurate today.

Sharón utilizes Neimology® Science to give exacting, accurate readings to individuals assisting them to get answers on topics such as love, career, money, relationships, and other aspects of life. She is trusted by her international clientele to guide them by providing discerning, perceptive, and insightful suggestions as her vast experiences and wisdom come through her readings. Over the years, she has been able to support thousands of people around the world in understanding themselves and others better. Today, Neimology® Science assists different individual groups: Human Resource departments in choosing appropriate candidates to interview, attorneys in how to present cases to judges and in picking their juries, and couples and families in seeking how to better communicate with each other to improve their relationships. She also creates names for new businesses, new products and when people wish to change their name.

Over the years, she has been able to support thousands of people around the world in understanding themselves and others better. Today, Neimology® Science assists different individual groups: Human Resource departments in choosing appropriate candidates to interview, attorneys in how to present cases to judges and in picking their juries, and couples and families in seeking how to better communicate with each other to improve their relationships. She also creates names for new businesses, new products and when people wish to change their name. Her bestselling book, “Know the Name; Know the Person” has won an award for excellence in writing. Sharón is a frequent guest on both radio and television shows and has written numerous articles for publication.



How It All Began

Whatever one does repeatedly, s/he can often find a shortcut to do the same thing more efficiently. In my case, it was a combination of excelling at seeing patterns and sequences, which derived from both life experiences and formal education. It started with my studies while a mathematics major in college and continued with frequent moves as an adult that helped me learn how to quickly discern what the rules and procedures were at each new location. This created an ability to effectively observe others, which was further developed by interacting with nearly five thousand people as a teacher and later an administrator. Finally, this skill to detect useful patterns has been greatly refined by my continuing work with others on their spiritual journeys.

Patterns Began to Emerge in Names

Certain patterns began to emerge in names, which I became cognizant of when creating seating charts at the beginning of my seventh year of teaching. I automatically wanted males whose names started with the letter ‘J’ to sit where they would not distract other children and I could supervise closely. I did not want children with the first vowel of ‘U’ to sit too closely to other children who also had the first vowel of a ‘U’ as I didn’t want them to entertain each other with their playfulness. These were just a few ways I used to create seating charts to maximize an effective, disciplined classroom.

Becoming a Detective – Looking for More Patterns

Realizing that some part of me had received impressions, I questioned what other patterns I could find. The first patterns detected were whole first names, like what every David or Julie had in common versus what the individual letters stated. However, over a period of twenty-two years in education and interacting with a multitude of people, I was able to single out the individual letters and combinations of letters that were associated with different patterns.

Both Gifts and Challenges Were Recognized in Names

The greatest boost to this investigation was when I was hired as a Vice-Principal, in Oregon, and was responsible for disciplining high school students. Previously, as an administrator, I had always held roles where I got to be the creative problem solver and hence ‘good’ guy, thus this was a rare opportunity. I was kept so busy, that it wasn’t until after I left that job that I fully realized how valuable a gift it had been.

Before this experience, I was only able to discern the gifts or positive attributes of the letters within each name. In contrast, this new role allowed me to work with many children who wanted to skirt the rules, and their parents who did not want to see their children have consequences for their inappropriate choices. This provided me with lots of experiential data that I could use to continue the search for patterns in both the children’s and adults’ behaviors and approaches to life. Hence, I was able to piece together many of the common challenges faced by those with certain letters, and patterns of letters, in their names. When I left the education field, I temporarily put aside my explorations of names only to pick it up a year later.

Testing Neimology® Science

After fifteen years of combining my intellect, observational skills and experiences, and another three years of testing my observations, I put together a seminar in which to share the information. I trusted that if people found fault in my reasoning, they would challenge me and I would be able to fine-tune the system. I also wanted to see if Neimology® Science was equally affective in other countries that spoke other languages, but used our alphabetic symbols. During my travels and teaching sessions in Europe, Africa, Central America, Thailand, India, and Israel, I found that with only a few adjustments, the system of gaining knowledge about people by analyzing their names worked in these countries as well.

Traveling and Sharing Neimology® Science

I have been an innovative educator for over thirty years. My travels have now taken me to all fifty states in the USA and to an excess of seventy countries abroad. Give us a call if you would like to sponsor Sharón to come to your area.


In 1948, psychologist Bertram R. Forer did an experiment with his UCLA students. He asked them to take a personality test and then offered personalized horoscopes based on the tests' very specific results. When he asked students to rate the horoscopes' accuracy, students gave them an average of 4.26 out of 5. However, he gave all his students exactly the same horoscope, which we will discuss. This experiment is a favorite one that is done in psych 101 classes. Not surprisingly, the results are usually very similar to Forer's original numbers.

Many so-called psychics are accused of having learned to use generalities like this because there are common things most of us (want to) think about ourselves. So, for the fun of it, let’s dissect these statements and see where they are located in a name. Please consider how common some of these letter placements actually are when reading this.

1. You have a need for other people to like you. Represented in names where the last letter in the first name is either ‘A’ or ‘Y’.

2. While you have some personality quirks, you are generally able to compensate for them. All names have both gifts and challenges and in most names the gifts assist in overcoming the challenges.

3. You have unused capacity that you have not turned to your advantage. All names have gifts hidden in them that are currently unused or under developed.

4. You are considered an independent thinker because you do not accept others; statements without satisfactory proof. The strongest representation of this characteristic is the R in the first name. However, this quality can be taught to the individual when the R is in the last name.


Ancient religions believe that we choose our own names, which would explain why they have an immense affect on our lives. This is illustrated in the Bible when one of the first things God did was to change Sarai’s name to Sarah, and Abram’s name to Abraham.

Interestingly, both new names now have an ‘AH’ in them which they did not have previously. According to Neimology® Science, the eighteen year study on how the placement of the letters in your name indicate how you think, feel and act, the ‘AH’ means ‘gift from God’ or ‘working on God’s behalf’. Both Abraham and Sarah indeed changed at that time and focused their work on behalf of God.

Later Jacobs name became Israel and Saul became Paul, and the list continues. So, why do names carry that much importance? According to the science of Cymatics, the study of the physical impacts of sound, demonstrates that cell structures, neurological systems, and the body all respond to sounds. The response can be positive or negative. Considering how often we hear our name, connecting behaviors to these sounds is a tenable leap.

Our names release a resonance within the sound that impacts us. Thus, names have an unconscious influence on us. Ancient cultures took naming a child seriously as they understood that a name “says it all” to quote the book, “Know the Name; Know the Person.”

Recent research has shown that there are a disproportionately large numbers of dentists named Dennis and lawyers named Lauren. ( Is this because those names sound similar to the career field? Sigmund Freud indicated that this might be the case as all people are basically egotistic and thus drawn to careers that sound like them. However, Neimology® Science indicates that the letters in our name indicate traits that are associated with different careers. Thus, all Dennis’ would have similar traits thus leading to similar career choices.
The same could be said for any name.

Perhaps that is why, when putting a name into an Internet search engine, one will find people with the same name often in similar career fields and/or have similar hobbies. Take for example the name Wes Wilson. They may have different professions yet all seem to be interested in either their hobby of photography or in being an artist, which is a different form of preserving what is there.

Even my own name, Sharón Wyeth, has a double and both of us are authors. Thus, we both use our middle name to distinguish ourselves, with Lynn being my middle name and the other author’s middle name is Dennis. It is amazing how many similarities people have who have the same names. Again, the same basic characteristics, as indicated in the letter placement, lead to similar results.

Do we become our names or do our names become us? Both. Each name carries a gift and each a challenge. We don’t get one without the other. Thus, our names have great influence over whom we will become, yet doesn’t dictate the outcome as we constantly are choosing which side of the various characteristics we wish to display. The first letter in the first name indicates our first impressions of someone while our lasting impression is that which we acquire from the last letter in the first name.

The next time you are asked who are you, and you respond with your name, think about how your name and you are synonymous. Sharón Lynn Wyeth received a Literary Excellence Award for her Amazon
bestselling book, ;KNOW THE NAME; KNOW THE PERSON, How a Name Can Predict Thoughts, Feelings and Actions”. Her second book  “Know the Name; Know the Spirit, How to Read Your Contract With God in Your Name is available now! To purchase > click here




Each state has a different process for getting your name changed. Some require you to put it in the local paper for a specified amount of time; others require that you show you don't owe money anywhere. Most simply have you go to the courthouse in your town, fill out paperwork and pay a $100-$200 fee and then get a court date to go before the judge. The judge inquires why you are changing your name. If he accepts your answer, he says to go back to the window where you got your original paperwork and pick up your copies of the "official" name change paper. It is at this time you can also pay for extra original copies. I suggest having three total. Once received, go get photocopies, as you'll need to send some in to get your name changed, like with the airlines. Carry the official paper with you and go get your new driver's license and other govt. issued ID changed. Call credit cards and other places where you do business and ask for their procedures when there is a name change. The part of the process is the same as when women get married and change their name.  

Steps to take: 
1. A person must officially register the new name with the appropriate state authorities.
2. Important government agencies to be notified in any order:
* Social Security Administration
* Passport
* United States Postal Service
* Department of Motor Vehicles (for a new drivers license or state identification card)
* Voter Registration and Elections Office

Remember to register your new name with other institutions such as
* Household bills/ utilities
* Employers
* Banks
* Doctors
* Mortgage company
* Insurance 
* Credit Card companies.
* Airlines where you have frequent flyer miles
Online Options:  
Online services are available to assist in changing your name either through direct legal assistance or automated form processing.  When somebody changes their name, they have to sign a deed that declares they will be abandoning their old name and adopting a new one. The person changing their name is swearing an oath that from the day forward of signing the deed, they will no longer respond or declare themselves by their previous name. All that is involved in changing your name correctly and legally is to follow the rules of a deed. The deed is signed by the person changing their name and by the clerk who administers the paperwork.

Is a Lawyer Needed?
You do not need a lawyer to change your name. However, the reason name changes are usually done through Lawyers is because a deed is considered a legal document.  It is also a legal document that must be worded correctly for it to be valid.  After the deed has been written and signed, the new name is now your name by Law.

Now you have to abide by the deed and as you declared you will no longer be known by your previous name. You must inform everyone in your dealings of your new name. You will have to tell your bank, your tax office, your employer and anybody else you have some sort of relationship or contact with. This is quite easy to do.

ou simply write a cover letter and send it to everyone along with a copy of the deed. Because the deed is a legally binding document, everybody you inform about your new name has to accept it. You will get new bank cards through with your new name, a new driving license, the names on your household bills will need to be changed. This process may take some time but eventually, all correspondence you receive will have your new name on it. 

So back to the deed. How do you write a legally binding deed by yourself? This is the easy part. All you do is use a template. Any deed for a name change that has been written before will be worded in the same way. You just change the names in the deed to your old and new names and that is really it. So long as an unrelated person signing the deed witnessed you it is a legally binding document.

1. Choose your new name
2. Plan the day you want to change it (beware of travel & passport issues)
3. Arrange for a non-relation to witness you signing the deed.
4. The witness signs and dates the deed
5. Call local DMV office.  Find out which forms you need; if they need any paperwork from the courts.
6. Apply to your local county court division (may need to appear before a judge; pay fee)
7. You have your new name, so now you need to tell everyone by either appearing in their place of business or by writing them a letter. Remember to include a copy of the legal name changing document

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